A pouch that can be separated into two is a thoughtful pouch, while you are traveling, cycling, or bathing, you take ONLY the necessary with you.

This is the type of the pouch that blends into the surrounding while ful lling your needs.


Better yet, it is made from recycled PET material. Each switch backpack is made with 8 plastic bottles. A small step for us, and for this green planet.

Triangle Pouch

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    未行 | Kiwee

    Item Name:

    Triangle Pouch


    Item Number:

    FG002 [Fasten & Go]



    Liu Wei & Xu Buhan









    Recycled PET. Eco-friendly, strong, water resistant and lightweight. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a polyester material used to make plastic bottles and containers. These are re-manufactured, and woven into fiber to make textiles. 


    Cleaning & Care Instructions:

    • Do not wash.
    • Do not bleach.
    • Do not tumble dry.
    • Do not dry clean.
    • Do not iron.

    Recycled PET is durable, stain resistant and fade resistant.

    To Clean: Make a mixture of a small amount of laundry soap and warm water. Dip a soft cloth into the laundry soap mixture and gently clean the excess dirt.

    Do not use acid-base chemical solvent such as alcohol to wipe the surface.


    Do not put your bag in direct sunlight or in damp environment, which will shorten the life of the bag.

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