A Trustful Nap Mate: Thanks to this unique CABLE-TIE structure and high-density natural latex foam, a lollipop pillow could provide an 360 degree extraordinary neck support.


You could easily adjust its tightness and which side you want to lean against to upon your need, which makes it a perfect travel pal whenever and wherever you want to take a nap.

Lollipop Travel Pillow [Kiddos Limited Edition]

SKU: OP00107
Color: Kumquat
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    未行 | Kiwee

    Item Name:

    Lollipop Travel Pillow Little Golden Pig [Kiddos Limited Edition]


    Item Number:

    OP001 [ONE PAL]



    Shan Penghao (Mr)



    85*21*7cm (expanded)

    22*16*15cm (packed)






    Pillow case - 100% Cotton

    Pillow core - Natural Latex Particles

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